Thursday, 10 November 2011

My Dream World

The world today is not as safe as before. Everyday we hear news about bombing, shootings, killing, and the list never ends. There are happening and most of the places around the globe. Everyone of us are suffering, except for those criminals who are enjoying it. Their hearts are as hard a s a rock and they do not have any feelings toward the people who are suffering. My dream world would be a conducive place for everyone. Although this sounds unrealistic, but i hope it could be turned into a place of everyone's dream and be able to make everyone smile.

My dream world, would be a placefull of peace and harmony. There will be no bombing, shooting nor fighting and no one will be trying to show who is more powerful. My dream will be free from weapon or star wars. Peace will be the subject taught in schools. I would make sure no scientist invents weapon. If I can do this, our world will be the safest place and everyone has nothing to worry about because there will be no weapon of mass destruction.

My second dream world, is that everyone should live as one society. They will be no class or race distinctions. I will make sure everyone is treated equally. I would stop children form making fun each other. We should eradicate prejudice among children from different race. Kids hate being ridiculed. Child labor should be abolished. Children deserve the right to live and working at the young age will never give them freedom. In my world, every child has meal, and no one will starve. As for the orphans, a house will be built for them in y world, so they know that there are people who care and love them.

Teachers are our source of knowledge without them the world will be full for illiterates. World be a useless place space full of useless people. Therefore, I would strongly recommend that the teachers would be paid more. In my world, everyone would be literate. We have heard that "reading is the world's greatest gift of the mind and imagination".Everyone should get involve in healthy activities to avoid young generation from getting involve in unhealthy activities.

Solar power would be widely used in my world to avoid pollution. The rain forest which is the source of oxygen and fresh air will be preserved. Creating a pollution free world would be my ultimate aim.

What do you think of my dream world? I really hope it will be reality soon. Well, what are we waiting for? Let us start to create a new world that we dream off.

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