Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The ABC's of Friendship

A - Always be honest.. H.O.N.E.S.T.!!
B - Be there when your friend need you.
C - Care about them, hopefully.
D - Don't look for their fault.
E - Every chance you get, call them. Okey!!
F - Forgive them, please remember that!
G - Get together often, each time, every second.
H - Have faith in them, understand that??
I - Include them.
J - Just listen to what they are going to talk about...
K - Know their dreams and support them.
L - Love them unconditionally.
M - Make them fell you are so special.
N - Never forget them anymore.
O - Often help them not only when they got problem.
P - Praise the honestly.
Q - Quietly disagree.
R - Rescue them often, as you are their friend.
S - Say "I am sorry" if you make mistake.
T - Talk frequently even when they are all rude to you.
U - Use good judgement.
V - Vote for them.
W - Wish them good luck and happiness.
X - X-rays yourself first before talking bad about them.
Y - Your word count, don't simply say anything.
Z - Zip your mouth, when they all tell a secret.

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